Corporate Support & Involvement

As a wildlife rescue, we deal daily with casualties that happen often through a lack of understanding. Wildlife is a part of the world we live in - we believe if you take the time to show people, many of them will enjoy wildlife when they encounter it.

We see fear and misunderstanding of the nature of the creatures that surround us. But actually they all have very special roles that we too are dependent on. By sharing our experience with your employees and showing them some of the wildlife that surrounds them, we hope that in the future they will start to make good decisions in their urban space that will help ensure the longevity of our wonderful, fascinating and purposeful creatures.

Through our talks, we help people to understand the creatures we share our planet with. We try to overcome their prejudices, fears and misconceptions and help promote our wildlife and tolerance. By understanding these creatures, we can learn to live alongside them and benefit from their existence in our environment.

We do not profess to have the ability to change the world, but if we can reach people of all ages and backgrounds and get them thinking we hope the decisions they make as adults, in relation to their environment, may just include a thought for our native wildlife and its importance to our world.

"Wildlife surrounds us in a hidden and secret world"

Wildlife surrounds us in a hidden and secret world.

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