Corporate Give a hog a name

Each year we treat around 100s hedgehogs. Many of these come to us as tiny orphans and we care for them until they are ready to be released. It is a lengthy process but well worth it. We see these tiny, often spineless cuties grow into adult hedgehogs

and take their place back in the wild where they belong. Would your company like to name a hedgehog and help us care for them? It's really easy and in the spring they will be released back to the wild. All we ask is that your company or department help us 'Give A Hog a Name'. It's really straight forward; just get everyone to put their chosen name into a box.

Every name entered we ask for a donation, we suggest £1 or some cat or dog food or towels. Once all the names are collected, we pick one out of the box and your hedgehog will be named. We will email you with updates on your named hoglet and general information on hedgehogs. We can also bring the hedgehog into your company along with some of our others orphans giving your team a really wild experience. Your hedgehog will be released back to the wild.

To Give a Hog a Name please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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