Cemex support our wildlife and our cars

On one of the hottest days in June, eleven lovely white collar managers arrived at Save Me  and Rescue HQ to try their hand at some hard labour. They came from all over the country and many had travelled several hours to get here. Cemex encourage their employees to give a day a year to charity and this wonderful team chose us.

Headed by Glenn, the crazy team tarmacked some horrendous holes in our drive to save our cars and help our wildlife. In the midday sun these mad dogs did a perfect job and showed that the bosses aren't all talk, we absolutely love it and are so very grateful. Our cake Queen - Kirston - made a very apt, tasty and stunning cake as always.



Groups like this make a massive difference to us here at the rescue. We are so very grateful to Cemex for supporting charities like ours and to the magnificent 11 that came today and gave everything.




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