Many schools have charities for a year - so why not suggest us to your school?  As a wildlife rescue, we deal daily with casualties that happen through a lack of understanding. We see fear and misunderstanding of the creatures that surround us. But actually, they all have very special roles and purposes. By sharing our experience with children and showing them some of the wildlife that surrounds them, we hope that in the future these would-be custodians of our planet will make good decisions and ensure our survival alongside our precious wildlife in a natural balance.

Here are just some of the fun ways you can help us:

Invite us to your school fete or Christmas fair

Why not get friends and family to sponsor you for ...... Walking, Silence, A Cycle Ride, Swimming, A 3-legged Walk, Doing Chores e.g. washing up, tidying your room or a Sponsored Car Wash?

Get your friends to donate unwanted books or toys or you could all get together to make cakes and have a table top sale!

Why not charge friends to pet sit while they are on holiday or away for the day?

If you are very sporty you could enter a Fun Run or maybe get Mum and/or Dad to run a 10k or marathon! Make sure you get lots of people to sponsor you! 

Hold a Bring and Buy Sale. You could "theme" the event - How about A Disney day? 

Draw the outline of a wild animal (perhaps a fox or badger or rabbit?) and ask adults to give you coins that you can stick to the picture until it's full up!

If you are artistic why not sell your skills as a face painter? If you are good at making things, why not make and sell your creations? 

How about holding a raffle? Why not fill up a tube of Smarties with £1 coins (after you’ve eaten all the chocolate of course!) 

Organise a school or group quiz? Why not arrange a Treasure Hunt?  - Don't forget to work out the clues!

You could even make it seasonal if you wanted (Easter Eggs - Secret Santa) 


If you are fundraising then make sure you empty your collection box frequently and keep the money somewhere safe.

Street collections are not encouraged and please only fundraise with people that you know.

If your event does involve the public, make sure you check with your insurance company first.

"Most importantly – HAVE FUN!"

Click here for a selection of fundraising poster to start your event

General Fundraising Poster to Print

Stoat Fundraising Poster to Print

Kestrel Fundraising Poster to Print

Fox Cub Fundraising Poster to Print

Bat Fundraising Poster to Print  



Online - Go to and click on the Donation button.

By Post - Cheques made payable to “Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue Centre” together with your name, address and details of the group that raised the money. Please send to Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue Centre, Marlborough House, 8 Augustus Gardens, Camberley, Surrey GU15 1HL. Please do not send any cash by post.


You can support us here at the rescue by signing up to one of our corporate days. We always need a variety of willing labourers here on site. We need cleaners, lifters, painters, gardeners, carpenters, diggers and so much more...the work here is endless. If you can do it, I am sure we will need it! 

Please contact us for details on - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As a company, you may consider doing one of the following to support us. We are run by volunteers and funded by donations from our local communities.  Here are some of our suggestions

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On one of the hottest days in June, eleven lovely white collar managers arrived at Save Me  and Rescue HQ to try their hand at some hard labour. They came from all over the country and many had travelled several hours to get here. Cemex encourage their employees to give a day a year to charity and this wonderful team chose us.

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As a wildlife rescue, we deal daily with casualties that happen often through a lack of understanding. Wildlife is a part of the world we live in - we believe if you take the time to show people, many of them will enjoy wildlife when they encounter it.

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In the competitive markets of today, customers are actively seeking out companies whose green credentials are in line with their own. At Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue, we are keen to partner  

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Throughout the year we give talks, share our wildlife and experience with people and children from a diverse background. With groups of adults such as the Women's Institute and the Rotary Club and children's groups like Brownies, Guides and Cadets. 

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You don't need a large space to attract and care for wildlife. Does your company have lifeless, unloved areas that could be transformed?  Water is needed for all life and a water feature is a sure way to attract any wildlife.

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