Fundraise for us

Raise much needed funds for us at the rescue. One way you can help us is to organise your own fundraising events. This could be at school, work or at home with family and friends. We have enclosed a few things to help with your fundraising on our behalf. 

Keep Safe

If you are fundraising, then make sure you empty your collection box frequently and keep the money somewhere safe. Street collections are not encouraged and please only fundraise with people that you know. If your event does involve the public, make sure you check with your insurance company first. Most importantly – HAVE FUN!

Fundraising Ideas

Why not get your friends and family to sponsor you for:

  • Walk
  • Silence
  • Cycle Ride
  • Swim
  • 3-legged Walk
  • Doing Chores, e.g. washing up, tidying your room
  • Sponsored Car Wash
  • Get your friends to donate unwanted books, toys or you could all get together to make cakes and have a table top sale!
  • Why not charge friends to pet sit while they are on holiday or away for the day?
  • If you are very sporty you could enter a Fun Run or even the Marathon! Make sure you get lots of people to sponsor you
  • Hold a Bring and Buy Sale. You could even theme the sale (e.g. Children Books, Disney)
  • If you are artistic why not sell your skills as a face painter?
  • If you are good at making things, why not make and sell your creations?
  • How about holding a raffle?
  • Why not fill up a tube of Smarties with £1 coins (after you’ve eaten all the chocolate of course!)
  • Organise a school or group quiz. To help you along we’ve got some Harper Asprey questions (and answers) to get you started
  • Why not arrange a Treasure Hunt, you’d need to work out the clues. You could even make it seasonal if you wanted (Easter Egg Hunt or find the Santa).

Before fundraising make sure you read our fundraising guide and most importantly HAVE FUN!!! Each year we need to raise money for equipment, medical costs and food. Our food needs are complex as we need to seek the appropriate diet for a multitude of wildlife. We need specialist cages to accommodate them during their stay. Each year we treat more and more wildlife.

  • We give talks and ask for food donations and towels
  • We sell items in our shop
  • We attend shows, shopping centres and fairs to share our experiences and encourage people to understand the wildlife that surrounds them.

This is one of our fundraising stalls used  for Halloween with lots of 'batty' fun.

If you feel able to help us with any type of fundraising or have any ideas please don't hesitate to contact us. One sachet of cat food feeds a baby hedgehog for a day so every little really does help.  We are a small charity run totally by volunteers. We are a very busy rescue and we rely on the generosity of our sponsors and fundraising events. Every little helps. As we take in more and more sick and injured casualties, we need more specialists cages so that we can give each and every creature the type of environment they need to improve their stay. We are in the process of expanding our facility and there are always happy for individuals or companies to sponsor cages, aviaries, release sites and essential equipment. 

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