Adopt Charlie the Bat

Charlie the baby bat or pup was found on the floor in a Camberley home. He was swept up by a lady cleaning. She heard a high-pitched squeak and then on closer inspection saw him wriggle. He was tiny, weak and very thin and he needed hand feeding around the clock. As Charlie grew, he spent time in a rehab cage where we got him used to a diet of mealworms and drinking water from a bowl. Bats eat insects on the wing and scoop water into their mouths as they swoop over ponds so an outdoor bat run was essential for this teenage pup. Charlie soon got the hang of being a wild bat in our cage  and was eventually soft released back to the wild. We see many bats throughout the year in need of our care.

You will receive in this adoption a HAWR coffee mug and a "Charlie the Bat' soft toy.  The soft toy is 9cm tall with a wingspan of 23cm and has a tag on his back so he can be hung in a flying position. Charlie fits neatly into a HAWR mug with his wings folded. Please see pictures below.

Your adoption is for one year and contributes to the  cost of caring for bats. By adopting Charlie, you are helping us to save more baby bats and supporting our release program. 

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