Alisha the Fox

Adopt Alisha the Fox


Alisha had slid off a roof with her brother, Archie, and had landed in an enclosed London garden. Cold, wet and hungry, the hapless duo were not going to survive without their mother. Their mother had been killed on the road and when a passerby approached the cubs to help them, they fled along a wall and the same roof they knew with their mother. In their haste and fear they fell twenty foot into an unknown garden. 

They were very wet and cold when we arrived and it was almost three days after their mother had been killed. The person who saw the cubs flee thought they had gone home. The owner of the large townhouse noticed them when she put some bread out for the birds. The starving cubs were running out of the bushes and eating the bread. Realising there was no way in or out of her garden, the homeowner realised they were the cubs seen three days earlier.

Once they arrived at the rescue, they were rehydrated with a drip and went from strength to strength. Three months later the pair were soft released with Sebastian, Rags and Rascal.

Help us to help more fox cubs like Alisha.

By adopting Alisha you are helping us to save more fox cubs and release them back to the wild where they belong. 


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