In memory of David Heals

A Tribute to David Heals: Dave was married to Maureen and grew up in Sheerwater before settling in Bisley. He was 63 years young! He worked at the London Portrait Gallery and was funny, friendly and generous. Forever with a smile. We would like to dedicate another intensive care cage to Dave if you would like to support us in this you can donate here. 

"I first met Dave when he came to our rescue with his wife Maureen. Maureen had saved several baby hedgehogs similar to the ones on this page. At the time, Maureen was a regular visitor. I remember the first rescue mission he came on. He was a very warm and friendly man with a great sense of humour. I spent quite a long time chatting with them both. I was struck by their passion for wildlife and the wonderful relationship they had with each other. They both celebrated all wildlife not just hedgehogs. I am shocked and saddened by his untimely passing and send my love to his wonderful caring family."  Love Anne x 

"In a short space of time we got to know our lovely neighbour Dave, thank you for making us so welcome - especially Holly. We shall miss seeing you out the front, you were always so jolly. All of our love to Maureen and family at this terribly difficult time." Love from Richard, Fay, Sam and Holly

“A lovely, cheerful neighbour and friend who always showed so much interest and enthusiasm for the lives and loves of our three boys. We shall all miss his friendly chats and observations on the world."  Our thoughts and best wishes to Maureen and to Tracy & Andre and family.  Love Steven, Angela, Matthew, Robert and Gareth.

A beautiful spirit and a generous heart, that was Dave, and every day he showed this with his actions and words. Every time you met him it lifted your feelings just a little bit. He’d come past in the car, waving madly out of the window and whatever your state of mind you smiled and waved back, better off, for that small interaction. Maureen, Tracy, Andre, Ellis, Charles and Conner, you know the special man that has been in your lives, there was no doubt of the joy and unconditional love he gave you, and that is a rare thing to have. Just remember that love, every day and when you get stuck for a way to ask yourselves “what would Dave have done?” you won’t go far wrong.  Love and hugs to you all Jill, Michael, Jake and Theo XXXXX

You will be sorely missed Dave - what a lovely man! RIP xxx Mark, Nat and Family xxx

I met Maureen in the early '80's when we worked together. She was a great pal, not least because we shared a lifelong passion for animals and animal welfare. I also got to know Dave. He was an enormous help to me when I was a silly 20 something, with no money, no sense and nowhere to live. I would like to thank you, Dave, for your generosity, your patience and your kindness. Now I am in my 50's I look back and think it quite remarkable that you gave your time and effort to someone who was neither a family member or close friend. That really is quite special. Rachel x 

An incubator was kindly donated in memory of David Heals.

David Heal's Memorial Plaque reads -"We must never permit the voice of humanity within us to be silenced. It is man's sympathy with all creatures that first makes him truly a man. This wild animal is wrapped in the love of David Heals - a very special man"


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