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Do you shop with Amazon? If you do, then please use our link and take a look at our Amazon Wishlist. It is full of lots of items that we are use regularly in the rescue or are in desperate need of. You can donate as few or as many items as you like; every little really does help and all the items will definitely be used! 

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Easy Fundraising

Do you do a lot of your shopping online? If so, then please consider signing up to Easy Fundraising! This amazing initiative doesn't cost you a penny, but will donate funds to us with every purchase you make online. 

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Food for Wildlife

Throughout the year, we go through a lot of different cat and dog food, both wet and dry. If you have a fussy cat or dog and constantly try new food which they don't like - please think of us and send in your unused food; our cute patients are not so fussy! One sachet of cat food will feed a baby hedgehog for a day so every little really does help. No donation is too small.

We also use a lot of other foods in the rescue, especially during "baby season" (Spring/EarlySummer). Esbilac and Kaytee Exact are essential when hand-rearing newborn mammals and birds. We rely on these products daily as soon as the baby season begins. Goat food is the perfect feed for fawns who are beginning to wean and become independent ready for release. Food donations mean everything to us and are an essential part of running the rescue; please think of us next time you are on Amazon by looking on our wish list and helping all our wildlife!

Old Towels

We use thousands of old towels each year and always need more! Are you are having a clear out in your airing cupboard or a colour change in your bathroom? Maybe you are downsizing, clearing out for a relative or if you just hate your towels. Whatever the reason - please let us have them. Many of our "angels" are injured and hay and straw can get into wounds and irritate them. Your old towels are just perfect for them. Please email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone 01344 623 106. Thank You!


Hospitalisation Cages and Outdoor Enclosures

We are in need of specialist hospitalisation cages. The cost of these cages range from £386 to £4900 for the units we require. We are currently raising money for these to help our orphans and patients. We have found these cages to be invaluable as they offer the ultimate level in safety and hygiene, which enables us to give our patients the expert care and attention to enable them to recover. These are designed specifically for our needs. If your local Veterinary Practice or research laboratories are refurbishing, please let us know as they may be removing and replacing cages that we can use. 

Used Stamps

Please send us your old used stamps so we can change them into cash. These old and used stamps bring vital funds to our rescue, so if you get good news through the post, think of us and save that stamp. You can send or deliver these to us in any amounts. No amount is too small and each stamp is gratefully received. Send toHarper Asprey Wildlife Rescue, PO Box 141, Windlesham GU20 6YW

Old mobile phones

Do you or your friends keep up to date with the latest mobile phone trends? If you do, please send us your old mobile phone so we can change them for cash and then change that into food. Your old mobile could help some of our precious orphans who themselves have just had a close call! Send to Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue, PO Box 141, Windlesham GU20 6YW



We need a wide variety of equipment to respond to injured wildlife and it's essential for both the safety of the rescuer and the animal. We rescue everything from sparrows and blue tits to roe and fallow deer and of course everything in between! We never know where the next call is coming from or what we will be dealing with so we need to be prepared for pretty much everything. Many "tradesman" have the "tools of the trade" and wildlife rescue is no different. You can see from the list below that our equipment is specialist and expensive for a small charity run by volunteers.

Can you help our Rescue team? Donate Now via the button on this page or contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Crush cage £52.29 - Net £29.00 - Rabies gloves £68.00 - Specialist remote trap £459.00 - Standard trap £120.00 - Net loop £94.00 - Avian net £37.98 - Stick holster £83.78 - Ultra bite gloves £60.00 - Heavy duty gauntlets £170.00


Medical Equipment

We are always in need of medical equipment to treat our wildlife. We would be grateful for any "pre-loved" items from veterinary surgeries and animal hospitals. We are happy to get expensive machines repaired so if you know of any vets being refurbished, ask them if we can have any of their old equipment. This equipment is very expensive but really does improve the level of care we can provide to the animals.


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