German town named Iglau. #AmazingGrace

Hedgehogs in cold climates hibernate over the winter. #AmazingGrace

Hedgehogs can swim, but cannot tread water for long so please ensure your pool has a hedgehog-friendly exit or keep it securely covered when not in use. #AmazingGrace

 Cars kill around 50,000 Hedgehogs a year in Britain. #AmazingGrace

Hedgehog spines are hollow and springy with a flexible neck and are erected by muscles. At the base there is a smooth ball that bends on impact. #AmazingGrace

Hedgehogs are lactose intolerant and  should never be given milk to drink. #AmazingGrace

Hedgehogs can be found is woodlands, farmlands, gardens, parks and rescues!  #AmazingGrace


The hedgehog’s natural predators in Britain are, in order, foxes, pine martens, stoats and badgers. #AmazingGrace

Lawn mowers and strimmers can be fatal for hedgehogs. Please be especially careful when cutting longer grass and check your borders! #AmazingGrace

Did you know that hedgehogs can hear ultrasonic sounds? #AmazingGrace

Hedgehogs love to sleep - sometimes up to 18 hours a day! #AmazingGrace

Bonfires are a massive danger to the hedgehog - please store your wood safely prior to building and then build on the day you light the bonfire. #AmazingGrace

Another of the hedgehog’s biggest threats comes from manmade influences, such as ponds. Grace can swim well but she needs a way to climb out of a pond. #AmazingGrace

Another of the (oh so many) manmade dangers to hedgehogs is pesticides, if a pesticide can kill something, then it can kill everything.  #AmazingGrace 

Grace loves creepy-crawlies, her favourite being worms, beetles, slugs, caterpillars, earwigs and millipedes. #AmazingGrace

There are five genera of hedgehogs (Erinaceus, Paraechinus, Atelerix, Mesechinus and Hemiechinus) with a total of 16 species. #AmazingGrace

Loose or absent drain covers are lethal traps for unsuspecting hedgehogs, please check your garden  regularly  #AmazingGrace 


Hedgehogs have a fantastic sense of smell and use their ‘forever twitching’ and sensitive nose to find food  and to avoid danger   #AmazingGrace

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