The lesser spotted sam


where have all the children gone

Ok lesser Spotted Sam is a tongue in cheek joke but the lack of children involved and understanding wildlife isn't. Have computer programs and TV taken over from the best show on earth. Has a screen taken over from real life. Why do we not see children out there. The average age at my local dog walk location is nearer pension age than school age .


What have we done to these children and what are we teaching them. Don't they make camps in the woods anymore, use their imagination,climb trees and go for walks and wonder at the wildlife that they see in their own back garden. Can that tiny (or in most cases not so tiny) flat screen be better than Rarest creature on the planet , A Lesser Spotted Child, watching life in the flesh, fur , spines or feathers. Ok there are some programs that give a wonderful and fascinating look at our planet and other issues but surely it can't be all good, all day, every day. Get children out in the wild, you never know they may just like it.


Have we forgotten how to switch the TV off and do other things.


By sharing our experience with children and showing them some of the wildlife that surrounds them we hope that in the future these would-be custodians of our planet will make good decisions and ensure our survival alongside our precious wildlife in a natural balance. We hope that seeing these awesome creatures first hand it will encourage them to take more interested in the space around them and explore it further.

Childhood experiences can impact dramatically on your life. You can't beat first hand practical experience. Wildlife surrounds us in a hidden and secret world. Through our talks we help children to understand the creatures we share our planet with. We try to overcome their prejudices, fears and misconceptions and help promote our wildlife and tolerance.



By understanding these creatures we can learn to live alongside them and benefit from their existence in our environment.


We do not profess to have the ability to change the world, but if we can reach students and get them thinking we can hope the decisions they make as adults, in relation to their environment, may just include a thought for our native wildlife and it's importance and longevity

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invite us to your school fair

We can come to your School Fair or Open Day with some of our merchandise and creatures. We can even give talks throughout the day about our wildlife and the vital role it serves within our community that we would be wise to understand .


here are some of our gang. If you have a passion for wildlife email us and tell us all about it.

HenryThe lesser spotted henry


My name is Henry and I am 4 years old. I want to be in Anne’s gang to help feed and look after the animals. I want them to live forever so that we can see them.







jakeThe lesser spotted jake


My name is Jake and I am nearly 7 years old. I asked Anne if I could be part of her gang to help clean out the animals and I want to help the animals because they are hurt and because they are wild they need us to look after them and make them better. If we don’t they will die and we won’t see them anymore. Do not cut down the trees, do not put poisons in your gardens otherwise they will get hurt. If you see your mum and dad putting poisons in your garden stop them straight away. Let everyone know all about the animals so that they can live instead of die.





create a wildlife area

pond landscapingWildlife gardens and ponds are fantastic for studying Mini Beasts and other wildlife. Spend hours checking out the mini safari park in your own back garden and see the incredible seasonal changes of both creatures and plants. It's a project to involve the entire school. Water doesn't always mean danger.


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talksWildlife Rocks us and we just love sharing our experiences with our "Wildlife Rocks Me " talks. We have talks specifically tailored to your needs and age. We can adapt our talks to focus on the issues or projects you are interested in. We always bring some of our more sociable creatures along with us to help.

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make us your charity for the year

cubThere are many ways your school can help us. You can help raise valuable funds to buy medical equipment and cages and other items we so desperately need. As your chosen charity we would come into school and give talks through the changing seasons and show you how our wildlife is affected through the year. We currently enjoy media coverage both locally and internationally for the work we do. By having us as your charity we would feature you on our website with updates.. Contact us for more information on [email protected]



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cat food

Why not collect for us much needed dog and cat food along with old towels..?


Sometimes your pampered pet doesn't like the food you have bought him or her so please consider donating it to us as our patients are really not so fussy. You may have some old towels or be changing the colour of your bathroom. towelsEither way we would love your old towels for our cuties. We can collect from you at anytime or we can loan you one of our cool collection bins for your class or school reception.

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hedgehog rescue

give a hog a name


Do you have night or daytime visitors in your space that you would rather not have or do you have some you would like to encourage. Contact us for information on how to encourage or discourage wildlife into your garden.

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hold a sponsored event

There are so many ways you, your children or your company can help us, Take a look at our wish list, sponsors page, fund raising page and volunteers pages, There is something for everyone.

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Wildlife Rocks Me

wildlife rocks me event

This is our Annual Fun Day for all the family to celebrate the wonderful creatures we share our space with. It is a day full of activites and fun. See the WRM website for details

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