Deer: Anya

Anya the Roe Deer fawn was hit by a car and lay motionless in the road. She tried to stand but was stumbling and had lost her eyesight so 

was stumbling into cars and back into the road. A kind lady scooped her up and took her to the nearest vet, who called us and we collected her.

She was very nervous - like most deer - and slowly, her vision started to come back. She spent the first four days in our hot room sleeping and drinking milk. Once she was stable we put her with Lafiki - our Fallow Deer fawn. Lafiki was younger than Anya but, being a Fallow, he was slightly larger than her. Lafiki had arrived here at just a few days old so we thought he could show Anya the ropes.

They got on just fine and were soon playing. However, it was Anya that taught Lafiki to drink from a bowl. They both grew together for several months with both instinctively resting in bushes and only appearing for milk. Once weaned, they appeared less and less and as time went on they were ready to leave for the next stage of their journey back into the wild. They were both taken by car to their new paddock and home where they will be released from early next year back into the wild where they belong!

Roe Deer are a native species in Britain and were almost extinct by the 1700s. Re-introduction by the Victorians saved the species and now they are thriving. Unlike other deer, Roe are solitary and do not run in herds.

Fallow Deer found in Britain were successfully introduced by the Normans in the 10th century, although recent archaeological evidence suggests that the Romans also tried to introduce them.


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