Duckling: Lola, Daisy & Gem

Our newly formed trio consists of two Ducklings and a Gosling. All three came in separately but are now the best of friends. Gem the

Gosling was found being attacked by a neighbouring swan. Swans are known for being overly protected of their young, so any other birds who dare to nest too close pay the price.

Daisy was found wandering in a garden cold, alone and with no mum in sight.

Unfortunately, Lola’s mum wouldn’t give her the love and attention she needed. She had quite a large brood already and Lola was obviously the runt, who couldn't keep up with her larger siblings.

Now all three bedraggled babies have finally got some company and are often seen snuggling up to each other for warmth. I have no doubt that we shall be seeing this trio grow in numbers over the next month as we start to see many other ducklings come in. 

Did You Know?

• Canadian Geese have outstanding eyesight; seeing over 180 degrees horizontally and vertically.

• They can live up to 24 years in the wild but rarely make it past 1.

• Geese can travel over 1000 km during a day while migrating

• Females have a lower voice than males.



This beautiful trio was successfully released onto a pond where there were already several ducks and geese already present. Although, they stuck together for a little while after being released, they then went off to their respective groups! We thought their friendship may have lasted a little longer... 



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