Fox: Cleopatra, Alfie & Riga

These are our 3 little fox cubs who are growing incredibly fast - Cleopatra, Alfie & Riga. They get up to a lot of mischief together!

Cleopatra, was found near Tweseldown Racecourse by a friendly labrador. The lady who owned the labrador thought Cleopatra was a guineapig so she contacted a rescue with lots of them. Needless to say, upon arrival it was quickly found out that she was actually a little fox in need of food and TLC and here she is ready to receive just that! She hasn't let the long journey to and from rescues deter her from eating and she is currently snuggled up in lots of blankets. Hopefully we will get in some friends for her too. 


Cleopatra has now started to get a hint of red to her face and is growing incredibly fast. She is such a cute cub but she won't be so small for long!


Good morning, good Friday! Last night was Cleo's last night in the rescue. Today sees Cleo and her friends go into our large, outside pre-release runs. We will, of course, miss their early morning antics and loud chorus whilst waiting for breakfast. Don't worry, we will follow their progress very closely by using trap cameras to monitor everything they get up to. 


These three cubs were released from our outside runs on site. They went into it for a good few weeks before we opened the doors for them. They started to dig their own dens and we could see them all playing on the trap cameras which was lovely.We are still leaving food out for them and will continue to do so over the next couple of weeks while they settle in completely. 

Here is a picture we took of them settling into the house in their pre-release run. They look like they are having fun and settled in well!

Thank you so, so much to all those who have supported us by sending in much needed items for these guys! We - and the foxes - really do appreciate it. We are still in need of lots of Esbilac & food as we continue to see more fox cubs and other orphans throughout the year. 



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