Fox: Josephine, Napolean, Nelson, Wellington, Harriet, Catherine, Emma and Hetty

Napolean was our first fox cub of the year and came in at just a few hours

old! The lovely guy that brought him in spotted him as he was driving down a busy road - he was on the road next to the pavement. We don't know how he managed to spot him!! He pulled over, picked him up and brought him in straight away. We immediately set to work heating him up using one of our heat pads. When a vixens earth gets disturbed, she will move all her cubs to a back up earth if she feels they will be safer there. We can only presume that this is what had happened, as there was no way he would have managed to get there himself. 

We took Napolean back to where he was found and places him in a box on the heat pad and waited from a distance to see if mum would return. Sadly, she didn't. 

Josephine came in next and took to Napolean straight away. She was taken into the RSPCA after someone mistook her for a puppy! The staff there were quite shocked when they turned up with this little cutie. Josephine is a little grumpier than Napolean - not surprisingly. 

Wellington, Harriet, Catherine & Nelson were found under someones shed. The lovely lady that lived there had found mum dead in the garden and she knew that there were cubs there. She managed to completely dismantle the shed and find these 4 cowering underneath. They are safe and sound now all thanks to a selfless and caring lady. 

That just leaves 2. Emma came in after she was found cowering on someones patio, extremely cold and soaking wet. We had no idea what had happened to her, but we weren't happy to risk leaving her in such a bad condition. Hetty was the last to come in and the most difficult to rehabilitate - but she was our favourite! She had had a road traffic accident and had lost her eyesight because of it. We have seen this before in rabbits and squirrels and most get their eyesight back with antibiotics and a lot of heat. She had to be kept separate for a while - which she hated. She was such a playful, inquisitive little girl, despite her disposition. 

We refused to give up on Hetty, thankfully, as over time she regained her eyesight!!


They were moved to our pre release run a few weeks ago.

The first night they are always very nervous - the other creatures that live around the runs always take a keen interest. Within a few days the cubs are used to the noises and have dug their own earths. They have plenty of room to dig, forage and spend time away from human contact to build up their natural instincts. We rarely see them now as they spend a lot of the day time under ground; coming out at night to feed and play. Sometimes, we do get a glimpse as they shoot back down underground when they hear us nearby. It is great that they are now completely independent and incredibly wary of humans. When they are a little older and are completely used to their new surroundings, we shall open the fox door and let them explore on their own; free from human harm.


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