Magpies: Ben, Bert, Millie & Michael

These lucky 4 were saved by a caring tree surgeon after they carried out some work and the nest fell to the floor. These bald bundles were very

hungry when they came into our care and ate straight away. Corvids need to eat a lot of food when they are small to ensure they have all the nutrients to grow at such a rapid pace. Keeping them extremely warm and quiet is an important thing to remember too. 

We feed our corvids on a specialised mixture that is full of everything they need to ensure they can grow perfectly. Corvids are extremely easy to become imprinted so it is vital that we begin the weaning process as early as possible to prevent them becoming to attached to us.  

Unfortunately, when tree work is carried out, many nests are destroyed in the process. We always urge people to postpone the work until after baby bird season had ended and they are less likely to do damage to so many fledglings. But sadly, not a lot of people take this information into consideration and go ahead with the work anyway, regardless of the affect it has on our wildlife. Please, please check the area before having work done and try to go ahead with it during the quieter months after babies have left their nests. 

Did You Know?

• Magpies appear much bigger than they actually are; their tail accounts for half of their total length.

• Magpies will mate for life.

• Like Owls, groups of Magpies are known as a Parliament. They are also sometimes known as a tidings.

• Magpies are extremely intelligent birds and are rarely involved in road traffic accidents.



These 4 were a little tricky to wean, but we managed it! They just didn't want to feed themselves at all and there is only so long they can go without food. Regardless, we successfully weaned them all and they were moved to our outside run which we filled with all different types of branches and foliage. It is a great way to ensure they start perching at an early age and they can also start to fly. 

After a few weeks in here, we finally opened the door to let them go! It took them a few days to pluck up the courage to actually leave the run, and they still continue to pop back in for food now and then! 


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