Pigeon: Jack

Meet Jack! Jack has lots of nutrient deficiencies and is incredibly tame. We can only guess that he has, perhaps, been hand reared and

released by someone but hasn't been given the correct food and type of release process.

We know only how tempting it is to hand rear animals yourself, and we know that your heart is always in the right place BUT please do contact us before attempting to hand rear any wildlife. All our wildlife needs specialist care to ensure they get the right amount of nutrients and are able to grow properly and socialise with their own kind. Tame animals do not do well in the wild.

Thankfully, we have many other pigeons around the same age as Jack, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that Jack is able to get back to being the wild bird he is meant to be.


Jack was successfully released with our other pigeons! We were worried for a while that we may not be able to get him back to being fully wild, and therefore he would not be releasable. But after some tough love and a stint in our outside aviary, he began to pick it up! 


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