We received a phone call from a lovely lady Chistina regarding two fox cubs that her daughter Hannah and her friend Alice had spotted

at Wavell school in Farnborough. The fox cubs had been spotted leaving the earth looking poorly and crying for mum. Luckily both Christina and her daughter are animal lovers and realised the cubs needed help. They had left food out for the cub and it was quickly eaten.

We arranged to meet Christina in the school car park. The earth was next to the school boundary fence. It was clear things were not right as there was a dead cub near the entrance and lots of flies coming in and out the earth.

The next job was to try and catch the little ones, not a job that's always very easy as they're pretty nifty on their toes and you'll only get one chance !!.

Typically the weather had changed from the previous warm sunshine we had been having to freezing cold and windy which made the job a little less pleasurable !.

Our crazy Lynn and Alex sat themself down slightly higher than the entrance to the earth and began the wait, in all fairness the more adventurous of the two started poking her nose out fairly quickly but they needed the whole body and not just a nose, they had put the smelliest food down just out of reach meaning they would be have to come right out.

It was probably about 40 minutes in when they took their chance and in a 'ninja style' scooped up cub number one, a little girl, very skinny, eyes runny and generally in need of TLC. Feeling smug after a relative easy catch they waited and waited but the second one was not playing ball, they had a few glimpses of nose but that was all, even the sound of her sister didn't lure her up, the first cub was now tucked up in a jumper and was probably warm for the first time in a while and was fast asleep.

Pete followed on with the next shift. He sat on some stinging nettles that evening much to his delight, which is fine as you go numb fairly quickly anyway !. Six hours later she was starting to come up to the top of the earth. Pete was very aware he would only get one chance and after six hours he was not going to miss so he took his chance and grabbed her,

Pete took her to the rescue, she was also thin, covered in fleas and cold and was very hungry.

Pete was thrilled with his accomplishment and had full hero status which fully compensated for the nettle rash and wind burn.

The two sisters were reunited and once stable they joined our smaller babies who were not yet ready for the runs.

They are thriving and are now a very strong little group and huge thanks to all involved in ensuring the two little girls were found in the nick of time.

They are now both in a earth dug by themselves and step siblings and will soon be back in the wild where they belong.

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