Collared Dove: Dolly, Doug & Dorothy

Dolly came into us just a few days ago. She was found very cold and extremely underweight, so

weren't sure if she would have enough energy to pull herself through. Immediately, we began preparing to tube feed her just to get something into her food wise. However, we clearly underestimated Dolly's strength; we put some seed down for her to see if she would be interested and she began eating immediately! We couldn't believe how much she ate right in front of us. Dolly is definitely a fighter! 

The first photo below shows Dolly taking her first bit of seed. The second photo below is Dolly having a much needed nap after her large meal!   


Dolly now has a new friend! Doug was brought in by a lovely gentleman who found him unable to fly in the garden. He had a slight infection in one of his eyes which prevented him from opening it and he must have been very uncomfortable. We started him on a course of antibiotics and eye drops to minimise the damage to his eye; we kept our fingers crossed that he would still be able to see after. 

After a week of the medication and also some soothing baths to relieve his eye - Doug can now see fully!


Another one joins the crew - our dove duo is now a dove trio as another little baby arrives. Dorothy is a little skinny, and many of her feathers are still in cases but she is eating and doing well. What a nice end to Valentines for Doug...another lady!


Dolly, Doug & Dorothy went out into our outside aviaries with some other juvenile Doves that we also had in our care. They were all released together and we still see them hanging around our bird feeders which is lovely!


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