Pheasant: Faye

We had another lovely female Pheasant - Faye - brought into us this week. She was found on the side of the road and so has probably been

clipped by a car. She still had feeling in both her feet but cannot use them at the moment as she is so weak. 

We suspect some possible nerve damage has been caused, which can sometimes heal itself - as long as she stops being stubborn and starts feeding herself! She has been x-rayed and there are no breaks (which is good!), so she is resting and we hope we will soon see signs of recovery. 


Unfortunately, Faye never regained the use of her legs and we had to make the hard decision to end her suffering. It was not fair on her to keep her going as she was still not feeding so was rapidly losing weight. The nerve damage was just too severe to be repaired. 


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