Pigeon: Cuthbert & Amy 

Cuthbert didn't have the best start by falling from his nest, despite a lot of effort from his lovely finders, they sadly could not put him back.

He is such a cutie though, and rarely do we get white Pigeons in the rescue, especially ones without a spec of dirt on them! 

Amy came in a little while later, after a lady found her wandering around through a busy car park, unable to fly - not the best place for a newly fledged Pigeon!

Amy came in a really good state and just needed time to find her wings and begin to fly. Pigeons tend to fledge the nest before they can fully fly, so a lot of the time they are found wandering on the floor in gardens. We always urge people to leave them be, as mum will be nearby ready to step in and feed them until they can fly. Obviously, we didn't want to leave Amy wandering in the busy car park though, as we didn't think the outcome would have been a good one. 

Cuthbert came in a little younger than Amy so needed tube feeding for the first week until he got the hang of feeding himself. We like to wean our fledgling Pigeons as early as possible, since they become very attached, very quickly to their human 'mothers'. Many of our amazing supporters send us in knitted nests which are absolutely brilliant for Pigeons - as well as all our other animals! We had to give these 2 a rather large nest, since they started kicking each other out of it! Here is a picture of Cuthbert, not long after he came in, tucked up in one of our nests made by the lovely Pam! 


These guys were successfully released after spending a few weeks in our outside runs! They flew off with one of our adult Doves and a couple of other Pigeons, who were housed with them. It is always lovely to see them go, especially when you have had them in from such a young age. A very worthwhile part of our job! 



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