Egyptian Goslings: Calluna, Pine & Bracken

These beautiful little Egyptian Goslings came in from the wonderful guys over at Camberley Heath Golf

Club. They were found wandering around in Windsor Great Park and the intrepid Nick spent a long time trying to coax the reluctant goslings from the bushes, they were trying to cross a busy road when he found them. He captured two and struggled with the third until he discovered it wanted to follow him. He put all three in a paper designer carrier bag and hot footed them into the rescue. They're called  Calluna, Pine & Bracken.

Gosling cannot survive without mum. They need her not only for protection but for warmth. Gosling are also not waterproof until their feathers arrive at about 10-12 weeks so they need mum and dad to remind them to get out of the water and to help get them dry and keep them warm. Goslings soon become waterlogged when swimming and will drown if not taken off the water.  If Nick hadn't brought them in they would not of survived

It isn't all work and no play here in the rescue! These Egyptian Goslings absolutely loved their bath time; diving for mealworms and swimming to their hearts content. And, of course, we loved watching them too!


As with a lot of birds, they have a pecking order which can sometimes seem brutal! As these 3 were getting older, they were beginning to learn their place in the pecking order, one more than the other 2. Because of this, they needed a much larger space than we could give them to ensure that they could get away from each other when they needed some space. 

The lovely guys at Swan Support have taken these 3 so they can put them in a larger run and then finally release them in the upcoming weeks from there. 

We all miss them but they are in good hands and will, thankfully, be back where they belong very, very soon!!

The photo below shows their size when they left us - we can't believe that these were once our tiny, fluffy babies! 

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