Jay: Nelson

Nelson was spotted high up in a tree in Camberley, he was caught onto a branch by fishing tackle. We were called by a man who had been

walking on a footpath near the tree. Our 'working at heights' part time rescuer, Steve, left work and immediately went over to the location and was able to reach the trapped soul.

Nelson was cold, thin and wet and had fishing wire cutting into his legs, thighs, chest and side.  He had been hanging for quite some time. Few birds would of been able to fight for so long. It always amazes us the strength these tiny animals find to fight adversity.


He was immediately brought back to the rescue where Gill our lovely vet treated him for the injuries he had and put him on painkillers and antibiotics. He was kept calm and put into the hospital in a covered cage but not before he managed to take a chunk out of Annes hand.

Jays are part of the corvid family and very clever. They are also extremely  territorial so a speed recovery is  essential at this time of the year.

Nelson spent his first-night with us sleeping and he ate well. We were optimistic.


Nelson has now been successfully released! He went into one of our outside pre-release runs for a few weeks so we could monitor his flying to make sure he had built up enough muscle to sustain flight. He did remarkably well in there and we were able to release him 2 weeks later. 

We didn't manage to get a video of him being released but did manage to catch a glimpse of in the run - see below. 



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