Fox: Ginny 

This is awful, this young vixen was caught in a gin trap! The lovely Jayne from the RSPCA brought her into us after receiving a call about

her. She was found in Mayford (Woking, Surrey) in the Yarrow Field/Beech Hill area. She was trapped near a public footpath, this could have been a child, dog or cat that could have ended up trapped. Gin traps are illegal in the UK!

As soon as she came in, we could see she was lactating - she had cubs waiting for her! We were able to stitch her leg, internally and externally, and give her a long lasting antibiotic and painkiller to ensure she would be able to do everything as normal and not be susceptible to infection. 

This is a horrific situation and something we will not take lightly! We have urged anyone who has any idea or has seen anything to get in contact so we can catch the person doing this. It is very much illegal to use gin traps in the UK. Just think that this could have been your child or pet. 



After 14 hours, we made the hard decision to release this young lady. It was not a decision we took lightly as - ideally - we would have liked to keep her for 24 hours to ensure everything was healing. However, if we had kept her any longer, her cubs would not have survived the night without mum and she was better off with her babies. 

Here is a short video of her release - she knew exactly where she was going and, hopefully, went straight back to her cubs. 



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