Fox: Monty & Margo

Another fox has come into us from Camberley - we have named him Monty. Unfortunately, he was attacked by 2 dogs and - needless to

say - he didn't come out on top. He has a small puncture on his front leg which we have treated and - like our other fox Margo - he has the onset of mange. Unlike Margo, he is still pretty feisty so will hopefully make a full recovery in the next 2 weeks so we can release him back to where he came from. 

He too is on a course of mange medication and also antibiotics for his wound to prevent any further infections. Already, his wound is healing nicely and we don't have any worries that it will inhibit him in any way.  

Margo came in from Kingston. She was found very skinny, unable to move very much due to her lack of energy. She has the onset of mange, which is causing her weepy eyes and loss of fur but it is easy to treat. She is very lethargic at the moment and, apart from getting up to eat, she spends most of her time sleeping. 

She is very uncomfortable and has raw patches of skin near her rear due to her excessive scratching. We have given her some painkillers to soothe the itching so she doesn't need to scratch so much. We have also started her on a course of medication to treat her mange, which should clear up over the coming weeks. After 2 weeks, she should be fit enough to release. 

As you can see from the below photo; her eyes are starting to clear up already! 



Monty and Margo have been released! Initially, we were going to release them back to the sites they came from (separately), but after some time in our outside runs, they became quite attached to each other. We didn't want to separate them, so made the decision to release them together on site so we could continue to feed them for a while after their release and step in with more meds if needed. 

They came back up to the office looking for food within a day and we still continue to see them (usually Margo) hanging around the runs. They are looking much better than they initially did. 

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