Deer: Daisy

Daisy the deer was found in Uxbridge Park - we received a lot of calls from concerned people. Along with the amazing guys from the RSPCA - Pete

& Jayne - Daisy was trapped and brought into the rescue. The pictures may be shocking for you. 

She has injuries from several dog bites and from running into fences when being chased. Her face is swollen and cut and she has a bad injury above her eye. Deer are inherently jittery after years of hunting them and once faced with danger, they will run for their life. In an enclosed space she would have been driven into fences by the chasing dogs whilst being bitten. Her wounds are in keeping with these injuries. 

As a charity we are shocked by the state of this poor animal, people should respect wildlife and be ashamed of their behaviour. Thank you to those who contacted us and the RSPCA to help her. 

Deer travel well in London, usually along the train lines and larger roads, they also go into neighbouring gardens or parks to feed and to have fawns. If you see deer in a confined area, please keep away and let it return to the space it came from. Roe deer are not aggressive and will always flee.

Daisy is doing well but is still in a critical condition and has a long way to go. 

Here is some of the press coverage Daisy has received -


We are delighted to say that Daisy has successfully been released!!

After such a horrific ordeal before coming to us, we were worried that she would go into shock and not be able to recover. However, she went straight into one of our stables so we could monitor her from a distance before letting her have a slightly large area to roam. She took a while to start eating, so we made sure to leave plenty of food and water down with her, so we wouldn't have to disturb her as often. After a while, she began to perk up dramatically and it began to get stressful for her to be enclosed so we released her.

She was given antibiotics, shortly after arriving with us, to ensure no infections would take hold. Her wounds began to heal fairly quickly too. We are so happy that she was able to go back to where she belongs - the wild - and we hope that a situation like this doesn't happen again! 

Pete, from the RSPCA, was absolutely fantastic at catching her and without him, it may not have been such a happy ending. Well done to everyone involved in helping her get to safety!!


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