Little Owl: Will

A very wet and very cold, injured Little Owl has arrived. He was suffering from fly strike and he was very emaciated. He has cuts and

grazes on his wing and has lost some of his fluffy baby feathers. After 24 hours of rehydration and formula, he is now hand feeding. We need to get his weight and strength up and encourage him to feed alone. We cannot know the trauma that he has experienced in his short life but we hope we can give him a second chance.

He is still a little bedraggled but is too weak to bath. We are hoping today he will start feeding himself. 

Will is doing really well with us and is now completely feeding himself which is brilliant news for us! Will is going from strength to strength and is now at a healthy weight for his age and will  hopefully continue to thrive.  

Will is still doing really well with us. He is now climbing and perching really well and eating tons. It shouldn't be long before he is ready for an outside enclosure to start his pre-release procedure.

Will has now made his way into our outdoor run! He wasn't too sure what to make of the much larger area but we are sure he will settle in soon. Watch the video below.



Will has finally left us and we are happy and sad at the same time! We will miss him dearly, but after some time in our outside run he was just so ready to go.

We will continue to leave food out for him for a little while longer to help him along. 


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