Hedgehog: Margaret & Babies


Hedgehog: Margaret & Babies

We received a call from a lovely lady over at St Margaret Clitherow Primary School in Bracknell yesterday. She was doing a topic on

minibeasts for one of the classes and went outside to gather some bugs to show them when she stumbled across something much larger than your average beetle! 

She went to move a peat bag out the way and suddenly saw something scratching away inside it ... thankfully, she took the initiative to open the bag and let the creature out. When she opened it, a tiny little furry face was staring back at her! This unlucky mum of 5 had made her nest in the bag and then someone had by accident blocked her in.


They are all very dehydrated and mum has some nerve damage across her back. We are hoping that this is something that will heal itself in time with the correct diet and medication. Otherwise, all are doing very well! 

We have named mum Margaret and her babies are - Popples, Moomin, Boo, Bubba & Squeaker.

This is one of the babies pipping to let us know he is hungry!

We have popped them into one of our outdoor runs so they can have lots of space to roam - after being stuck in a bag, we are sure they are in need of it! 4 of the babies are a healthy weight and then there is a tiny one who is about half their size, so we are making sure she is getting enough food.


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