Ducklings: Frimley Park Hospital

We received a call from the guys over at Frimley Park Hospital about some ducklings in their courtyard. We get called out every year to

remove ducklings with their mum in the courtyard. We are pretty sure it is the same Duck going back every year, because she knows it is safe there and people feed her and leave water out. 

We got there and saw mum sitting with her babies in the middle of the courtyard. She flew straight up as soon as we got in there, which was fine as we could then focus on getting the babies. 

It took a while to catch all 11 speedy fluffballs! It was quite a large area with a lot of shrubbery where they could hide and a net wouldn't quite cover them. However, we managed to get all 11 into a carrier and popped them in a corner to see if we could catch mum.

Mum knew the drill well by now as this was not the first time we have had to catch her. She was having none of it, and refused to come into areas where we could net her and then flew off. We decided to leave and take the babies with us and the guys at the hospital were going to try themselves to catch her when she came back. 

We have suggested they do not feed her or leave water out anymore to prevent this happening again. 


These guys have moved onto Swan Support for the remainder of their rehabilitation. Our outside runs are completely full with Pigeons, Tawnys Owls and foxes - not all together of course! 


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