Pigeon: Mike & Mavis

Mike came in after he was found wandering in someones garden and wouldn't fly away. We think he had flown into the window and was just

a bit stunned. Mavis came in because she was found hobbling around near a busy road. She had some wounds to her legs and breast but nothing too serious, thankfully. 

They were kept separately whilst in our indoor runs to make sure they were both fully fit. We then introduced them together in one of our outside aviaries where there was enough space for them to get out each others way.

They are flying perfectly so shouldn't need to stay in the run for too long before we can fully release them. 


These two were released together from our outside aviary. One flew straight up and away and the other flew into the nearest tree! He sat there for a while before moving off. 

We will continue to leave food out for them over the next few days to give them a boost. 

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