Herring Gull: Billy

This Herring Gull came to us last week after he was found sitting on the floor, unable to fly. The gentleman that found him managed

to pick him up really easily - which is very unusual for Gulls to be so laid back. We had a look at his wings and couldn't find anything that would give an indication to why he wasn't flying. We decided to keep him with us for a few weeks to see if he improved and became the feisty Gull he should be.

We were shocked at how quickly he went back to normal. Within a few days, Billy was eating normally, bathing himself and walking around. He has got a little feistier so hopefully he will be able to be released over the next few days. We are going to try him in a outdoor run to make sure that he can take off and land perfectly before taking him back to where he was found.

Billy loves having a bath! 

Billy is now in an outdoor run so we can make sure he is flying properly before we release him back to the area he came from. 


Billy has now been released back to where he was found! We are sad to see him go as we had become quite attached to this oddly relaxed gull. We hope he manages to stay out of trouble this time. Here he is squawking a final 'thank you' -


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