Fox: Team Lightwater

With this story, I think we should start right at the beginning. We had a call about a fox cub in Lightwater with severe mange; she had lost the

majority of her fur. We immediately got some medication for her to help her heal and regrow her fur. After 2 weeks, we had good news from the lovely lady who was keeping an eye on her - her fur was indeed growing back!

A few weeks later, we had a call from an amazing guy - Jeff - in Lightwater with regards to a fox cub with a large injury to her front leg. We asked him to get some photos over so we could see the extent of the injury and decide how best to proceed. The photo's were worse than we expected. We decided she needed to come in ASAP to get the wound looked at. 

We received our trap cage, from another rescue mission, the next day and took it down to Jeff to set up and bait. Jeff was so patient with us and was lovely enough to donate us 2 brand new trap cages!! We cannot thank him enough for his generosity; these cages will make such a difference to our work here and how many animals we can help. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

This clever little cub, was not interested at all in going in the cage though! 

A few days later, we received yet another call about a fox with a poorly leg in Lightwater. We asked the kind lady to send us over some photos, to again see the injury and decide how to help. As soon as we saw the photos, the penny was in fact the same fox cub that we had treated for mange a month ago and the same fox we were already trying to trap at Jeff's! 

So, we whipped down to drop another cage to this new address and also some medicated food. If we couldn't get her as quickly as we hoped, at least we could get some medication into her for the time being. 

She has now had the medication but we have still not trapped her. She is getting bolder with the trap cage, so after rearranging its position to better cover it, we are hoping it shouldn't be too long before she is safe with us.

Fingers crossed!!


We haven't been able to catch the fox in Lightwater. However, it is good news we want to share. Her wound is healing nicely after we have been giving her antibiotics and painkillers.

Although it looks raw, it is so much better than when we first saw her and there is no infection at all. She is putting some weight on the leg now which is brilliant too! 

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