Pigeon: Rocky

This little cutie came in after he was found out of his nest far too early. The guys that found him took him to their nearest vet to get help, and

they then brought him into us. He has a tear on his neck, with a slight puncture into the crop itself, which was letting air in. By the time he got to us, the wound had started to heal which was good. 

We had to keep massaging his crop to make sure the air came out and he wasn't uncomfortable. We also began feeding him little and often to prevent the skin from stretching too much and aggravating the wound. 

Rocky is doing really well and can have more regular feeds now as the wound is not so open. The air getting into the crop is lessening which is making him much more comfortable. Fingers crossed he keeps on going from strength to strength. 

She has had this teddy since she has been with us and seems to enjoy sleeping on him, so we have left it in there with her until we get her some proper company!

Rocky has gained 2 new friends - much to his dismay! These two were brought in by a lovely gentleman who had found their mother dead in the garden. They are only a tiny bit younger than Rocky so will make the perfect companions for him. They are only just starting to work out how to feed themselves but should get the hang of it over the next couple of days. 


Rocky and his friends have now been released with our other Pigeons on site!


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