Fox: Brent

This young fox is in a very bad way indeed! She was found going round in circles and getting very distressed, so the lovely RSPCA

brought her straight in. By the time she got to us, she was stressed and hot. She had quite a severe head tic, went in circles and was very dehydrated. We immediately rehydrated her and gave her vital medication in the hopes we could correct the damage. We had our fingers crossed she wasn't brain damaged. 

After 2 days of medication, she had stopped circling completely and her head tic had lessened. She was still dehydrated, so we kept going with the rehydration solutions. We have moved her to our stable, as the stress of being in the rescue was just to much for this little one; we felt she would recover much better if she was completely away from everything. 



Unfortunately Brent didn't make it, despite our best efforts. We are happy that she had a peaceful passing; away from any danger. 


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