Deer: Daisy

This lovely lady, Daisy, spent the night wrestling with a football net! She arrived with us bundled up in a cosy sleeping bag after being

removed by the wonderful RSPCA. She is stable, warm and recovering from her entanglement with bruises, sprains, swellings and strains. We are keeping her quiet in one of our stables whilst she recovers from her ordeal.

Please, please remove your football nets when you are not using them. They can kill a variety of our beautiful wildlife; Daisy, we hope, will be one of the lucky ones. Unfortunately, we have seen many hedgehogs and also fox cubs that have not come out as well as Daisy and they sadly didn't make it. 


Daisy was released from out stable on site when she was feeling better. We try to get deer out as soon as possible as they really do not do well in captivity and the stress can sometimes be too much for them.  


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