Diet, Fox Number, Shooting & Poisoning, Foxes & Chickens, Feeding & Digging 

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For years now we have slowly redeveloped, destroyed and reduced our countryside which has had a dramatic impact on our wildlife and its environment. This has resulted in many creatures seeking alternative living arrangements.

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The Red Fox - these wonderful creatures with their stunning red coats populate most of our towns and countryside. With an estimated population of 250,000, their numbers are declining and so we need to take care of our furry friends. 

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Foxes are extremely clever and adaptable animals and have taken well to towns. The urban fox has evolved so well he seems really at home in our towns now. As a wildlife rescue, Harper Asprey gets both town and country foxes and they can vary in many aspects.

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Foxes don’t always make the best of neighbours but before you write them off as the neighbours from hell take a few minutes to understand them and maybe find some ways of discouraging them from visiting your space. What use are they?

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A Camberley man, Alex Flint, was given a nine-week suspended sentence and a 12-month supervision order for using a hedgehog as a football in April 2011. The man was charged at Guildford Magistrates Court on the 3rd October 2011. Another pleaded not guilty and charges were dropped against him on the 24th October 2011.

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Brian the Teddy Bear on Tour

Kevin returning some ducklings

Dave the swan was picked up on the M3 motorway

Teo the Teddy

A young roe after a road traffic accident

Hazel with some orphaned squirrels

An Orphaned Otter

Wesley needing some TLC

Our stall at a local events

A tiny parakeet chick

Karen feeding three tiny fawns

A tiny orphaned leveret

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